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Pigman’s Lament


Designer Christiane Nowak’s fascinating, symbolic use of sneakers to adorn the set and the setting of a bath, an equipped lighting bar and shadow screen lend the play an air of mystery. [CanberraTimes]


Christiane Nowak’s concentrated set design helps define scenes and every prop down to every sock and boot is there for a reason. [AsutralianStage]


The set, designed by Christiane Nowak, creates an engaging atmospheric environment for the play. A gantry of lights protruding diagonally into the acting space seems to tell us that we’re in a theatrical experience, not the real world, but maybe it’s a design statement in this modern Canberra apartment? [CanberraCriticsCircle]


However, a highlight of Pigman’s Lament is the lighting (by Gillian Schwab) and set design (by Christiane Nowak), that facilitates some nightmarish, Hitchcock-esque special effects for the intense moments of confrontation between Craemer and his grandfather. [BarefootReview]


The design by Christiane Nowak is Dada-esque, with clean white everyday objects on a pristine reflective metallic surface forming an almost forensic setting; fitting for the dissection of a psyche. A window which frames static images or silhouettes sets up character changes through Craemer’s quick footwork and perfectly co-ordinated lighting. [StageWhispers]


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