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Where in the world is Frank Sparrow?


Set in two worlds, a mythic underworld of the dead and a stark urban reality, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS FRANK SPARROW? is a gritty, grim play. Written by multi-award winning Australian playwright Angela Betzien, it tells the story of a young hero, Frank Sparrow, as he faces danger, overcomes weakness, finds romance and faces death. [bma]


And as for the rhyme, “It’s not like Shakespeare, it’s not hard to listen to.” [bma]


“It’s more like slam poetry, it’s more immediate and visceral… [bma]


Nugent is creating the two mythical worlds by parring back the set. “I’m working with an amazing designer, Christiane Nowak and the way she’s been able to put the vision forward. [bma]


We’ve talked about layers – this world that we’ve created has so many different layers. [bma]


We’ve got a lot of shadow work in there as well. [bma]


It’s almost like an illusion – I’m very much into epic theatre, getting in amongst the audience. I like for people to feel they are in that world” [bma]


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